Creating your Summer Class Format

In this assignment you will draft the format for your summer course. This will include both the structure of the course as well as the content.

One recommendation is to start off with the Su21 offering of the course as the base and modify as you see fit. Then check out the past few semesters for inspiration, especially pre-Sp20 since that was in person. Also check out other course websites for how they format their course which can be found by searching “cs $course_number berkeley” on a search engine.

Here is a template for your team to make a copy of. Make sure to add a link to your course format document in the responses document. Store it in the HW 2 Responses folder.

Part 1: Weekly Schedule / Class Session Type

What a typical week looks like! Some things to consider:

When and how often you will have lectures, labs, discussions, office hours, guerilla sections, work parties, etc?

How will you structure your office hours? How will you balance your workload amongst the course staff?

How will you format your course and all these offerings? Fully in person? Fully remote? Hybrid? Detail whether the course events are synchronous, mandatory, etc.

Lastly, what technology will you be using? How will you take attendance (will you take attendance?)?

Part 2: Draft 8-week Course Calendar

Fill out the week by week topic breakdown and try to figure out where exams/projects fit in!

Reach out to instructors

Reach out to experienced instructors/GSIs (email is probably best) to get course specific advice. You should try to meet with the previous summer instructors, and the lecturers/professors who have taught the course recently. Ask Pamela if you need emails for last year’s summer instructors.

Required Listening/Reading

You can leave comments directly on these PDFs in google drive by clicking “Add comment” in the top right corner, highlighting an area you would like to comment on, and then leaving your comment

Reviewing each other’s course formats (Due 10:00 AM, Friday)

One of the best parts of CS 302 is engaging with instructors from other courses to learn from each other. In most homework assignments you will showcase your work and receive comments from others, as well as give comments to what others create.

Remember to be kind when commenting, communicating, and critiquing!

Since the course formats are due 11:59 PM, Wednesday, you will have until 10:00 AM, Friday, to get your comments in.

Rubric (Do this for full credit)