HW1: Hiring Prep
CS302, Spring 2024

Getting fully prepared to start hiring

For this assignment, you will be solidifying your interviewing plan and staff application.

Part 1: Staff application

Most courses have a supplemental form in addition to the departmental ASE application.

Here is a template to get you started! You should also try to reference the form used last summer for your course.

Put your form in this folder. Remember, the whole class has access so make a copy of the form and put it in a private folder when you do use it for hiring.

Part 2: Interview plan

First, brainstorm the types of questions you would like to ask. What is the goal of each of these questions (what does the question reach at or ask the candidate to demonstrate). When would these questions be asked (before technical presentations, after, during?).

Second, determine what, if any, technical presentations you will be expecting from your candidates. Examples include open prompt mini lectures, answering piazza questions, and solving exam questions. If you plan to offer a list of topics, be as specific as possible.

Thirdly, consider a few prototypes for the “ideal” candidate. What traits, behaviors, or interests are you looking for? Examples include compassion towards students of all understanding levels and clarity in communication.

Finally, what is your plan with rehiring staff that are currently teaching the course? Will they go through a subset of the process? If so, what parts?

Part 3: Staff expectations

Weekly breakdown by hour for the different roles you plan to have this summer! For example, Academic Intern Role, Reader Role, Tutor Role, TA Role, and Head TA Role, Instructor, etc

Make sure to factor in weekly meetings and prep time for staff!

Required listening/Reading

You can leave comments directly on these PDFs in google drive by clicking “Add comment” in the top right corner, highlighting an area you would like to comment on, and then leaving your comment.

We recommend you read this too! No comments/proof of reading required.

Reviewing each other’s interview plan (Due 12:00 PM, Friday)

Remember to be kind when commenting, communicating, and critiquing!

Rubric (Do this for full credit)