HW4: Draft ½ of a Sample Exam
CS302, Spring 2024

Half of First Exam Draft

Exam writing can be a time consuming and difficult task, especially if you have never written exam problems before. The purpose of this assignment is to practice drafting a single exam (over two weeks), as a team. You do not need to use this exam during the summer course, but of course, that will be your decision. If you don’t give this exam to students, you could consider offering it as a praxctice exam to students.

For this assignment you will be drafting half of your first exam. If your course does quizzes instead, draft a whole quiz.

Please create a Google doc, PDF, or Overleaf draft of half of your exam / a whole quiz and share with the instructors (ball@berkeley and ddgarcia@berkeleyxs). We’d encourage sharing 1 or 2 questions publicly, but this is not a requirement. You may keep questions private if you wish to reuse them.

Exam Format and Observations

Publicly, please write some comments about the the exams in your course:

Please also list a couple observations about the exam writing process. Was anything trickier than expected? What parts would you like to follow up on? What concerns would you have if you had to give this exam to students.

Required listening/Reading

Reviewing co-instructors questions

Since the exam drafts are due 11:59 PM, Wednesday, you will have until 12:00 PM, Friday, to get your comments in.

Rubric (Do this for full credit)