HW5: Draft Second ½ of a Sample Exam
CS302, Spring 2024

Second half of First Exam Draft (or second quiz!)

For this assignment you will be drafting the second half of your first exam. If your course does quizzes instead, draft the second quiz instead.

Please create a google doc or pdf draft of your whole exam / second quiz and share with the instructors; you can also just use the same document where you made your first half of the exam.

Exam Review Plan

Create a review plan for how someone should review your exam. As an example, here’s the 61A exam question review template. The questions you ask reviewers should depend on your exam topic, format, and common issues that have been found with past exam questions.

Exam Logistics

Write up your exam logistics. Here are some things to consider:

Required listening/Reading

Reviewing co-instructors questions (Due Friday)

Since the exam drafts are due 11:59 PM, Wednesday, you will have until 10:00 AM, Friday, to get your comments in.

Rubric (Do this for full credit)