HW7: Accessibility & Inclusivity
CS302, Spring 2024

Your class will be uniquely filled with students who are all different. We want our courses to be accessible to all students taking them. In this homework you will dig more into accessibility and inclusivity and audit your course/past iterations of your course to find areas to improve.

Audit #1 Accessibility/Keyboard test of Website

This audit will check your website for accessibility issues, like those faced by students using a screen reader or just a keyboard with no mouse.

Step 1: Send HTML of homepage through validator https://validator.w3.org/

Step 2: Automated audit with the Chrome lighthouse tab

Step 3: Keyboard testing Guide

On the responses document, write up results for each step. Also link the webpage you audited. Be sure to mention any:

There should be 1 writeup per step per course.

See if you can fix any of these issues this semester. Definitely aim to get the top issues fixed by the time your course starts this summer.

Audit #2 Content of One Piece of Content Per Teammate

This audit will check your content for inclusivity.

First, to familiarize yourself with inclusivity on content, read (no need to comment):

Then, for each course instructor, pick a different piece of content on the scale of a homework assignment, lab assignment, lecture, textbook chapter, exam, etc, where you can find at least one thing to change to make it more inclusive and accessible. Write up on the responses document what you would change and why you are changing it.

Required listening/Reading

Rubric (Do this for full credit)