HW8: Drafting Course Policies
CS302, Spring 2024

Draft a Syllabus / Course Policies

The assignment for this week is to do a nearly complete draft of your course syllabus, which is dfferent from a list of topics.

Academic Misconduct Policy

What student facing messaging will you have about Academic Honesty and Misconduct? Draft your policy. You should then add this to your syllabus.

Required listening/Reading

Audit: Inclusivity of Syllabus

Now that each of you have learned about accessibility and inclusivity, work as a team to carefully go through your syllabus and audit the wording. Imagine how different students would read and what their reactions would be (low confidence students, high confidence students, those with lots of programming experience, those with little experience, etc).

Find a few things to improve about your syllabus and write it up as a team in the responses document.

Rubric (Do this for full credit)